Body language: How to tell if a person is lying

Deception is one of the most common strategies animals use to ensure their safety. But when it comes to humans, lying isn’t that common. Lying is seriously frowned upon ever since the act was discouraged in religious, moral, and legal codes. Some lies are practically harmless while others could land you in jail. Either way, experts believe some signs can help you spot a liar. Secure Polygraph Solutions lists down a few of them here:


Nervousness and panic are what people usually feel when they are threatened or pressured. To ensure their safety, liars usually hide the truth by saying whatever comes to mind that will cover up the facts. When they do this, they tend to sweat a lot, especially on their face due to reactions from the autonomic nervous system.

Louder volume of voice

When someone speaks loudly, you can assume that they’re being angry or aggressive. However, a loud voice could also mean that someone is being defensive. Other signs of a person covering something up include speaking quickly and having a high-pitched voice. According to experts, a person’s vocal cords tighten up when they are uncomfortably lying.

Fingers that fidget

A liar tries hard to convey whatever deceit they want to express by using hand gestures. However, experts say too much movement of the arms and legs is caused by fluctuations in the autonomic nervous system. These fluctuations also lead to more itchy sensations. So,o frequent scratching might give away the impression that a person is lying.

Eyes that stare or look away

One of the most common ways to convince a person to tell the truth is to ask them to look straight into your eyes. If they refuse to do so, then they’re probably lying. After all, looking away is a known sign that a person is thinking about what to say next. However, a 2015 study by the University of Michigan found that liars are also more likely to stare into your eyes while deceiving you.

Using too much vocal fillers

Stuttering and using vocal fillers like ‘um’ or ‘uh’ is the most recognisable way to know that a person is lying. When a person does this, they are probably thinking of something else to say that will add to the lie they just uttered. There is also the occasional slip-up where the truth suddenly gets mentioned and gets disregarded by the liar immediately.

One of the easiest ways to spot a liar is to notice their vocal patterns. However, when some people refuse to converse normally, it can be hard to judge what’s on their minds. It is for this reason that some people resort to polygraph tests to uncover the truth. If you or your company needs help in any third-party investigations, feel free to contact Secure Polygraph Solutions.

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