What is pre-employment polygraph screening?

What is pre-employment polygraph screening?

Many people think that polygraph exams or lie detector tests are only used in solving cases or determining the perpetrator of a crime. However, such tests can actually be used in the hiring process especially when screening the applicants of law enforcement companies such as the CIA, FBI and Secret Service.

What is pre-employment polygraph screening?

Pre-employment polygraph screening is conducted to check if the applicant has engaged in any wrongdoing that might affect the company. It also determines the honesty and loyalty of the employees that have been hired.

This test has been proven to be an effective tool when it comes to screening applicants especially if the position they are applying for requires a high degree of honesty and integrity. It is also used to know if the applicant has any problems that might interfere with the job.

Companies have attested that lie detector tests helped them solve corporate fraud and dishonesty. It also aids in deterring employees from doing criminal activities that can bring losses to the company such as fraud, theft and other illegal acts.

Pre-employment polygraph screening is also a quick and affordable way of verifying CV details and exposing false credentials or competitor affiliations among applicants. It uncovers traits that may jeopardize the company such as substance abuse, qualifications fraud or financial problems.

How does a polygraph screening for employment work?

A polygraph machine that is specifically designed for polygraph tests is used to evaluate certain physical indicators and detect deception in the subject. It works based on the theory that people show certain responses when lying. Such responses refer to changes in physiological activity such as perspiration and breathing. 

Other indicators that are measured during the polygraph test are the subject’s heart rate, pulse rate and skin conductivity. Before the test starts, the subject will fill out a questionnaire consisting of questions that are often similar to the ones they need to answer during the actual exam.

Once the subject completed the questionnaire, the test will now commerce inside a quiet and comfortable room. One specialist will connect the subject to the polygraph machine and ask the questions based on the given questionnaire.

As the subject answers, the specialist will note his impressions and combine them with the results from the machine. After that, the specialist will form his expert opinion about the subject’s honesty.

Polygraph machines are highly accurate but false positives and false negatives can still occur. Due to this, examiners will use various procedures to identify the factors that cause false responses and ensure the unbiased results of the polygraph records. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Subject’s emotional state
  • Medical information about the subjects
  • A detailed review of the pre-test interview
  • Quality control review
  • Subject’s response capabilities on the control questions.

Where to get a pre-employment polygraph screening

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