When are polygraph tests conducted?

Trust is when you commit to believe in the honesty of someone. It is something people don’t easily put into others as individuals have different motives that could harm or disadvantage anyone else.

Entities such as private companies and the government value trust greatly as well. They expect whoever they are interacting with to be transparent with them to keep things running smoothly. When something goes wrong in terms of honesty, they investigate thoroughly, and one way of finding out the truth is by conducting a polygraph test.

A polygraph is a device that records physical responses that may determine whether a person is lying or not. There are certain cases where this device is used, and Secure Polygraph Solutions lists down five of them:

Civil and criminal cases

In court cases where there isn’t enough physical evidence, authorities have to rely on sworn statements from witnesses. However, it’s not enough that the people involved in the lawsuit will just say whatever they want to the judge. Sometimes, there has to be a polygraph test to reinforce the truthfulness of the words uttered by a witness.

Of course, nobody shall be forced to take a polygraph test and the refusal of a witness must not affect how the case will be decided.

Commercial theft investigations

Divulging trade secrets and stealing company property are two crimes that could compromise how a company operates and competes with others in their specific industry. When something like those happen, companies are quick to hire private investigators and conduct polygraph tests on employees to get the issue over with.

Financial institutions also conduct polygraph tests as part of their internal investigations as their employees are in charge of handling huge amounts of money every day.

Monitoring of convicted sex offenders

When convicted sex offenders are set for parole or probation, they undergo a polygraph test. Sex crimes can be easily concealed as victims try to preserve their dignity or refuse to speak out of trauma. So, authorities have to find another way to make sure that a convicted sex offender does not re-offend.

Homeland security

Homeland security is a serious matter that the government must always ensure to keep domestic and international threats at bay. Government agencies in charge of keeping a nation secure usually conduct polygraph tests to uncover large-scale crime or any terrorism conspiracies.

Pre-employment screening

There are jobs that are so sensitive that employers have to be careful in selecting the best candidates for such positions. Government agencies that handle confidential cases and companies that are susceptible to fraud will almost always have a polygraph test as a requirement for applicants to ensure honesty and loyalty to the organisation.

Sometimes, people are just difficult to talk to, meaning it can also be hard to trust their words if they finally speak. Fortunately, polygraph tests can help you breathe a bit easier if you want to find out whether a person is being honest. If you or your company is investigating something, don’t hesitate to call Secure Polygraph Solutions for further assistance.

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