Specific testing:

Where individuals are tested relating to a specific incident or crime.

Confirmatory tests:

Confirming of truthfulness of statements – especially if two conflicting statements are submitted by two or more individuals relating to the same issue (a “he says, she says” situation)

Periodic screenings:

To determine the honesty of your existing employees. These tests are normally done every three months and is an effective tool to prevent theft and dishonesty at the workplace.

Pre-employment tests:

Employment history verification and honesty with regards to an individual’s employment application. These tests confirms any involvement in theft, criminal activities or drugs.

Criminal check (fingerprints):

Fingerprints are submitted via a fingerprint scanner to the SAPS with a return result report within 36 hours.

CCMA verification:

If requested our examiners will attend CCMA cases for verification and clarification pertaining to a specific case.

Available services at Secure Polygraph Solutions

Secure Polygraph Solutions have been in the polygraph and diagnostic industry for over 30 years. Due to our wide experience and state of the art technology we use, clients can rest assured that they will get accurate and reliable results. Take a look at the available services that can be booked below:

Polygraph consultation

A polygraph test may seem like a big step to take especially when no urgent or serious issue needs to be addressed. This exam should only be conducted for the right situation where truth is desired.

Since polygraph services are not something you want to rush into, Secure Polygraph Solutions offers consultation to see if the test is right for you and your situation. We are here to give anyone who needs the truth on their side but we want to make sure that you are making the right decision that is beneficial to everyone involved.

Our polygraph consultation is free of charge. All you need to do is to sign up or log in to your account and chat with one of our staff. One of our experts will go over your case to determine whether a polygraph test is a step that you should consider. 

You can trust Secure Polygraph Solutions to guide you through the best decision since we have performed thousands of polygraph tests already. Contact us today so we can provide you with valuable details on the test and help you decide whether you should take it or not.

Pre-employment polygraph test

All companies desire to hire the best possible employee that will not violate their trust and harm the business. A pre-employment polygraph test can assist you in your hiring process by measuring the ability of an applicant in many fields.

During the employment process, candidates surely won’t confess to any suspicious or negative actions to impress the interviewer. Many research has shown that employees will only violate their employer’s trust after their adjustment period to the workplace. Once they feel secure in their position, they can now breach the company.

By conducting a pre-employment polygraph test, companies can weed out applications that can potentially cause damage to the business. Research shows that a person who has violated an employer in the past will do so again in the future. Thus, this test is highly recommended for those who want to hire someone for critical positions.

Topics and factors that are checked during the exam depend on the preferences of the company and the nature of the subject’s potential position. Many companies abstain from getting pre-employment polygraph tests due to the fear of losing good applicants. However, from our experience, many firms that implement such exams employ good employees and have a lesser amount of suspicious events.

Periodic polygraph test

Polygraph tests should be done before it is too late or the damage has already been done. To prevent huge possible loss of assets or damaged work and home environment, you should conduct periodic polygraph exams.

Secure Polygraph Solutions can’t tell you how often you should do polygraph tests but if you are a company, you should do this regularly. Doing so will prevent data leakage or asset losses and will ensure that only trusted employees remain inside the business. 

While period polygraph test is not an essential part of company processes, it can uncover incidents and issues that you are now aware of. Thus, such exams will help you maintain a pleasant atmosphere within your company. 

The Secure Polygraph Solutions team can travel to your offices to conduct discrete and quick periodic tests. To avoid uneasiness, the exam will refer only to the time the employee has been inside the company and nothing else from the past will be brought up for discussion.

Sign up for an account and talk to one of our staff if you want to find out more about how periodic polygraph tests can benefit your employees and your business.

Fidelity test

If you are concerned about infidelity or want to sort the truth from marriage issues. You can get your partner to take a confidential polygraph test in hopes of setting the record straight or rebuilding your relationship with them. 

Trust issues may happen in any relationship. However, knowing what did or did not happen instead of jumping to conclusions can make your relationship stronger. Through Secure Polygraph Solutions’ fidelity test, we can bring truth to couples and clear up any suspicion or emotional clutter that is hurting you.

Keep in mind that this service can’t test for emotions such as hatred or love. It can’t also predict the future. What we will do here is to verify whether an action has taken place or not through an ethical and careful process. 

Truth verification

A polygraph test’s purpose is to bring the truth to light. By breaking a situation into the bare facts and uncovering the truth, many issues have come to an end through Secure Polygraph Solutions’ truth verification service. Our team has done thousands of polygraph tests in various private, corporate and governance matters. 

Situations where this service can be used range from suspected infidelity, custody disputes, lawsuits, divorce proceedings, data leakage, theft and other civil matters. We are aware that there are 2 sides to every issue. What this service offers is an opportunity for each side to have their version of events be verified if it is true or not. 

Expert polygraph witness in court

All cases in the court of law have one common priority and that is to uncover the truth of what happened. This is where Secure Polygraph Solutions’ polygraph tests become valuable. Our role as expert witnesses in court will help you win a case by providing the test results as evidence. 

Secure Polygraph Solutions can only be involved in court cases at the request of a lawyer or judge. Our team has appeared in many courtrooms and influenced many judgements and findings. 

We can also aid arbitration hearings through our polygraph tests. This way, the activation can reach a decision based on the facts or the truths about the case. Thanks to our wide experience and adherence to the ethics of polygraph associations, many judges and arbitrators have relied on us when reaching conclusions.

Computerised integrity test

If integrity is something you wish for your employees to have but can’t ask for, you can try using our computerised integrity test. This exam is an accurate tool when it comes to checking the integrity of an employee or applicant. It was developed by our team of experts since simple polygraph testing can’t 100% ensure the integrity of the subject.

Our integrity test consists of a set of questions that can be completed in various languages. It can be a stand-alone test to assess your employees or applications for low-level positions. This test can be completed online to save time and money for both the company and the individual.

This test is a great assessment tool alongside the polygraph exam and psychological test. Contact Secure Polygraph Solutions if you have other questions or concerns about this service.

Background check

What you know about your potential employees should not be limited to what they have printed on their CVs and what they have told you in interviews. Research has shown that employees who have been given the most trust and highest authority in the company are the ones who are most likely to cause damage to the business. Thus, the biggest key to preventing exploitation is to hire people with integrity.

If you are now sure of placing someone in a high-level position, you can get the help of Secure Polygraph Solutions. We conduct background checks and in-depth investigations of your prospective employees to reveal anything that poses a risk to your company.

One key part of this process is a personal interview with the candidate and external methods of information gathering. A background check includes credit and criminal record checks as well as an assessment of financial data. We will be the ones who will contact your candidate’s references, past employers and personal acquaintances.

Aside from the mentioned inclusions, we will also look into the past behaviour of the subject in their previous work and uncover any past drug use. A background check is an essential tool when making hiring decisions for critical positions. Thus, you should contact us and find out how this works to help keep your company secure.

Personal interview

Every polygraph test comes with a personal interview as part of our screening process. To begin with, Secure Polygraph Solutions will work with the company or organization to have a full understanding of its nature and reason for the polygraph exam. Our trained and skilled experts will then put the subjects at ease before conducting the interview.

The personal interview will not overload the subject with questions as to not overlap with the similar questions that will be asked when they go through the polygraph screening. The main goal for this interview is to assess the subject’s integrity and help them get optimal results in the polygraph exams.